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And, we have another one in the ongoing series. This one is actually quite coherent, even if, in my opinion, it’s also quite deluded and ridiculous. This one happens to be a blog that’s pretty much devoted to the idea that Obama is the antichrist.  At the end of this post, there’s a hint as to the direction in which I intend to take this  whole discussion.

Original Site: Barack Obama The Antichrist?


Barack Obama may be the Antichrist, he has risen up out of no where, he mesmerizes crowds, people are gathering in huge numbers, he is likely becoming the next President of the United States. Do not look only to what I say, but look to your Bibles, to passages in John, Daniel, and Revelations.

Okay, this is nitpicky, I know. I can’t help it, things like this bug me. That particular book of the Bible is titled “Revelation,” not “Revelations.” Singular, not plural. For crying out loud, religious fundamentalists who can’t even remember the correct name of one of the books they are so fond of quoting about this topic. I was raised, though no longer practicing, as one of those heathen, Satan-worshipping, cat-lickers, and even I know this…


I really had no intention of getting this much attention. I just had a feeling 4 years ago that Obama was the Antichrist, and it looks like I am not alone.

Well, my, my… Aren’t you the prophetic one? Please, spare me the false humility. When someone goes to the trouble of creating as extensive a blog as you have here, the very first thing that you are seeking is attention. Be honest, please, and admit it. People write blogs so that other people will read those blogs. That’s called, uhm… Oh, yeah: Seeking attention.


…I am glad people are making a stand against abortion which Obama strongly supports (even leaving babies to die that survive an abortion attempt)

The only reason I’m putting this here is because I want to make it clear that this series of posts is not about the platforms upon which either Obama or McCain are running. For the purposes of these posts, I really don’t care what their individual stands are on any given issue. In terms of political issues, the only one that matters to me is this unbelievable campaign to paint Obama as the antichrist, playing to the fears of many people who are very prone to believe this drivel. The particular blog that I’m addressing here provides me with more than enough fodder to make this rant.


The Wall Street Journal blog follows Barack Obama being compared to the Antichrist in various media forms, including this blog. I am amazed this topic has hit the MSM (mainstream media)… finally.

Why does this amaze you? You and many, many other Obama opponents have been spewing this garbage for some time now. It was inevitable that it would draw attention from the mainstream media. Oh, I forgot… You really had no intention of getting this much attention, did you?


From one of the groups:
Barack meaning “blessed”

“The debate has been brought up with the question of “Is Barack Obama the Antichrist? Is he too good to be true?” Well I created this group to hear you all’s opinion on this subject. Many prophecies and facts have matched with Barack. The Antichrist is said to come out with a plan of ‘World Peace’ and speaks on kindness and giving to charities to promote goodness. He is said to be a great speaker, loved by all kinds of people, and very charismatic’ well, obama is known for his speeches without notes and his intelligence is to perfection. Please, tell me what you think…Is Barack Hussein Obama too good to be true or is he the real thing?”

From which group? You don’t show the source, not that it matters in this context – I’ll simply make my response to you, since you chose to post it.

Hmmmm… I wonder if I should even attempt to compile a list of past and present public figures who fit this description? I think not – it would be a monumental undertaking, really. People ranging from the Apostles to Ghandi. Damn! There’s been an awful lot of potential antichrists running around the world throughout history, wouldn’t you agree?


Check out this article, I think its important so I am going to post the whole thing. Also, it appears they mention this site, since it is the only blog dedicated to the topic, and its the number one google result for “obama” and “antichrist”:

But, but… I thought that you really had no intention of getting this much attention…

You simply quoted the entire text of the article, which is fine. But you offered no commentary on the article, other than to mention the fact that it seems to mention your blog, and to bold and colorize the segment of the article that seems to mention your blog. I have read the entire article, and I invite others to do the same at your blog. I wonder if your lack of comment might have anything to do with the fact that it states that, “A new TIME poll finds that the most conservative evangelicals are the least enthusiastic about McCain’s candidacy. Convincing them that Obama does have two horns and a tail might be the best way of getting them to vote.”


This ad is very funny, [This was a reference to the ad dubbed “The One] but frankly it must mean Obama really has been portraying himself as a messiah to people, and they have been buying it. Mccain has recognized it, and I hope you have too.

First, I know of a great many people whole actually fail to see the humor in this ad, myself included. Be that as it may, please, get real. I don’t think there’s enough fingers and toes among the entire population of my town to count how many politicians have at least some sort of Messianic complex. Ego is something that is a job requirement in some situations. Whether that’s a good thing or not is beside the point. You will not win a presidential election if you truly believe that you can do nothing to change your country and perhaps the world.


I read somewhere that “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for” means he is the one we have been waiting for, because the royal ‘we’ means I.

English class!! English class!! DING, DING, DING!!! (Schoolbell)

If Obama meant that “I” am the one we have been waiting for, the correct phrasing would have been, “We are the one we’ve been waiting for,” or, even more properly, “We are the one you’ve been waiting for.” “One, not “ones.” The “royal “we.” Good Lord, get real, will you?


…be prepared for Obama’s world wind tour of Europe and the Middle East…

Again, being nitpicky. The phrase is “whirlwind tour,” not “world wind tour.” Geez…


Dobson accuses Obama of ‘distorting’ Bible

Again, you make no comment about the article, which is probably a good thing. At any rate, since when is distorting the Bible something new? Every single “Christian” denomination interprets the Bible somewhat differently. Every single one. Which means that any Christian denomination other than your own distorts the Bible, right? Your own denomination “interprets” the Bible, everyone else “distorts” it. But somehow, this fits into your accusation that Obama is the antichrist…


Is there any secret symbolism to the “Obama seal”?

Well, you say nothing in this particular post, other than to question if there is any hidden symbolism in the seal. However, in reading the comments about this particular post of yours, I ran across a couple that are, to say the least, rather telling. The first:

Comments Page Excerpts:

“Vencedor said…


If one goes on the Web to Barack Obama on the Wikipedia Encyclopedia one will see on the right bottom Obama’s signature.

It has two interesting features. First, the B of Barack looks like three intertwined 6xes making up the B. Second, the O of Obama as written by him looks like an orb with the cross internalized. An orb is a religious symbol consisting of a sphere with a cross on top. It means authority and justice. If one puts the cross inside the sphere is the equivalent of performing a mathematical operation on the orb equivalent to negation of its meaning.

I suppose that by now you know that if one puts Sen Barak H Obama in the Gematria calculator it adds up to 666. So does the name B Richardson. The name of his wife Michelle L Robinson adds up to 1110 . (3/5 or .6 of 1110=666.) Also, that the first five letters of Natasha, the name of one of his daughters, spells SATAN backwards. Also, that Malia, the name of the other daughter, can be written as MAL which means evil + IA which is a suffix meaning derived from or pertaining to. So MALIA means derived from evil.


June 20, 2008 6:40 PM

I suppose that one has to have a couple of characteristics in order see what this reader sees in Obama’s signature. For the life of me, I can’t see any resemblance to three sixes in the first letter of his signature. As for the orb bit… God, Lord… You really have to be looking for these things to “see” them, and it also requires a certain amount of imagination and exaggeration. As for this comment’s last paragraph… Well… Let’s leave it to stand for itself…


obama_the_antichrist said…

Vencedor—Nice Observation…These are the kinds of strange things I am looking for.

It is even weirder that Natasha is Satan backwards…That surely is a coincidence that not even he could have consciously been aware of.

Or look at it this way, Natasha backwards is

“Ah Satan”

As in a phrase of worship/ adoration for the devil

About the main arcticle,

I do think it is very odd that his seal on his podium has white light in the center of the seal.

Will the symbol on his podium become the

“Seal of the Antichrist of the United States of America”?

Only time will tell.

I am still dying to see if he chooses Hillary Clinton in the end to be his running mate…

Anyone know when he must have his Veep Chosen??

If he does pick her then he is the beast for sure…


June 21, 2008 10:46 AM

Now that’s interesting – I find what I want to read about your feelings in the comments section, rather than on the main page of your blog. You know, there are an awful lot of females running around in the world with the given name of “Natasha” or “Natasia.” By your reckoning, all the parents of these girls/women were unconsciously praising Satan. Have you been dropping acid, along with your friend I quoted above? Because the last time I remember getting seriously into looking at words in reverse, or listening to music backwards was back in the day, when I was what we lovingly referred to as a hippie…

See, this is what is so very frightening about people like you. You are fanatics. Fanaticism, hmmmm… Where have I heard that recently? Oh!! Muslim terrorists! Yeah, they’re fanatics, too. The problem is, you prey on people who for whatever reason actually will believe you. It’s just crazy – no, you’re just crazy…


Obama is better at biblical language and imagery than any Democrat in modern times. He certainly beats Howard Dean, now the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, who once offered Job as his favorite New Testament book. This is cynical manipulation of the devout and it is no better when Democrats do it than when Republicans use religious language for partisan advantage.

Cynical manipulation of the devout… And exactly what is it that you are trying to engage in here? Let’s see… “Obama is probably the antichrist, and if you help to elect him by voting for him, then you will be partly responsible for the antichrist coming into power.” If that ain’t manipulation, I don’t know what is.


Obama: “I don’t presume to have knowledge of what happens after I die. When I tuck in my daughters at night and I feel like I’ve been a good father to them, and I see that I am transferring values that I got from my mother and that they’re kind people and that they’re honest people, and they’re curious people, that’s a little piece of heaven.”

Any first-year seminary student could deconstruct such “works salvation” and wishful thinking. Obama either hasn’t read the Bible, or if he has, doesn’t believe it if he embraces such thin theological wisps.

I separated your paragraphs for you – I like neatness and orderliness on my blog…

“Thin theological wisps?” How is anything in the quote above theological in nature? Spiritual, perhaps, but theological? I think it’s you who are tossing out “thin wisps” of something – I just haven’t figured out what to call it yet, other than lunatic idiocy.


…I am not telling people he IS the Antichrist, I am merely asking the question, and listening to the comments on this site. …This blog is about open opinion, discussion, arguments that cite their sources, and exploring this topic.

Okay, for the moment I’ll take you at your word. But – it seems to me that you tend to side with all those who agree with the assessment that he is indeed the antichrist. And you find evil in every single little facet of his life – down to his signature, his name, the names of his children and his wife, etc., etc., etc.


Obama is not a (real) Christian – he is a Universalist

Now, this is interesting. Who are *YOU* to judge the merits of his faith? Who are *YOU* to declare who is and is not a Christian? We’re back to this again: If people do not belong to my denomination, and believe exactly what I believe about Christianity, then they are not Christians. All of that would be fine, if you didn’t run around calling these people unbelievers (not (real) Christians) and declaring them to be evil. I thought that you believed that judgement is reserved for God?


Obama can call himself anything he likes, but there is a clear requirement for one to qualify as a Christian and Obama doesn’t meet that requirement. One cannot deny central tenets of the Christian faith, including the deity and uniqueness of Christ as the sole mediator between God and Man and be a Christian. Such people do have a label applied to them in Scripture. They are called “false prophets.”

Oh, you’d best check your facts, buddy. Did you watch Rick Warren “grill” Obama last night? Obama declared, (paraphrasing) that he believes that Jesus Christ died for his sins, and that the sins that he is guilty of on a daily basis are washed away because of that. He declared his faith in Jesus christ. So, I think that pretty much shoots your argument about his lack of Christianity out of the water, does it not?

And Finally:

How is it possible that in the Unites States of America, the nation that enshrined the meaning of liberty, republic and freedom, is hypnotized by a radical Marxist that promises to “change” this country?

Could it be that this man who stands for everything contrary to our liberties is being revealed because America’s People themselves have fallen away from our culture, heritage, foundations and purpose?

Radical Marxist? Where in the HELL did you come up with that one?? Get a freakin’ life, will you? Geez…

We have fallen away from our culture, heritage, foundations and purpose. It was instigated by George W. Bush, and it came in the form of the USA Patriot Act.

And you sir, the author of this blog, are a blithering, hysterical, radical, fanatical moron catering to the wishes of the Republican right who control your mind…

I don’t believe that I need to make any more commentary about this particular blog. It’s popularity speaks for it. Yes, it’s popular – extremely so. But then, so are some other sites, too, which I may or may not get to in this ongoing series of posts. Some of them I will, some not. But, here’s a list of links to my potential future targets:

People For The American Way
Word Net Daily
American Nazi Party
White Revolution.
Supreme White Power – (Interestingly, this particular site carries this disclaimer when the home page appears: “WARNING!! All information contained in this Pro-White website is for educational purposes only and is protected free speech under the 1st Amendment of the Bill of Rights. Not intended for viewers younger than 18 years old.”)

Yeah, there’s no end of maniacs and fanatics out there to target.  And the list just seems to keep on growing every day…


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Believe it or not I’m really focusing on the U.S. Presidential campaign with next few posts. I decided to do this after having my attention drawn to some pretty disturbing campaign tactics coming from the McCain camp. There’s been some pretty disturbing ads that I’ve seen which, either subtly or not so subtly, play to the religious beliefs of some segments of the American population. So, I’ve been doing some research, and some of the things I’ve found are rather disturbing, to put it mildly. There’s going to be an ongoing theme in my posts here, so if I start to get on your nerves with it, feel free to tell me. Won’t stop me posting about it, but what the heck…

Can you say near-mass hysteria?

What I’ve decided to do is first take a few web pages apart.  Not every single item, but just some of the more mildly insane things that I’m finding. After I’ve run each of these sites through my little process of vivisection, I’ll go ahead and editorialize (read, “rant”) about the site I just took apart. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at this little gem:

I found this site after a Google search of the words “Obama antichrist.” It was the third return on the first page, no less. For all subsequent sites that I address, a link to the site will appear at the top of the discussion:

The Original Site: Obama The Antichrist?


Could Presidential Candidate
Barack Hussein Obama be the “Anti-Christ?”

This site deals with Biblical Prophecy and some of the “Anti-Christ” characteristics of Barack Hussein Obama.
Barack is the perfect candidate to allow “Full Anti-Christ control of the U.S.”

Points of Interest:

Barry was Obama’s name given to him at birth by this parents. He legally changed his name to Barack.

Well, since Obama’s father goes by the name “Barack Obama, Sr.,” I would venture that unless the elder Obama also legally changed his name at some point to follow his son’s example, there would have been no need for Sen. Obama to legally change his first and last names. In fact, I have heard it stated that because his parents gave him the name “Barack Hussein,” he must be, fundamentally, a Muslim. You are the first mention I have ever seen of Obama having had a different given name than the one he now uses, and you offer absolutely nothing to back this claim up.


Buraq was the name of Mohammad’s horse!

First, please: The prophet’s name was “Muhammed.” Spell it correctly if you intend to use it.

Uhm, okay. So, it is somehow ominous to you that Obama’s parents, his father being a Muslim, would give Obama the aglicized version of the name of Muhammed’s mount? (Not horse – we’ll get there in a minute.) I’m confused. There is no huge outcry over the fact that many Latino families name their male children “Jesus.” Could it possibly be that it was simply a gesture of respect to his faith that his father, who also carries the same given name, chose to pass that name on to his son?


Read what Wikipedia says about the definition of Buraq.

Please get your facts straight. From your own source:

“The Buraq (Arabic: al-buraaq, meaning lightning; Turkish: Burak), is according to Islamic tradition a creature from the heavens that carried Muhammad from Mecca to Jerusalem and back during the Isra and Miraj (Night Journey), which is the title of one of the chapters of the Qur’an.”

“An excerpt from a Translation of Sahih Bukhari Volume 5, Book 58, Number 227 hadith (supplemental tradition to the Qur’an) describes a buraq:

‘I was brought by the Buraq, which is an animal white and long, larger than a donkey but smaller than a mule, who would place its hoof at a distance equal to the range of vision.’ ”

There is an illustration on this same page. It depicts a creature with a body similar to a horse, with wings, and the head and face of a human. This creature was not “Muhammed’s horse.”

Excerpts & Comments:

Supporters of Obama:

1.5 billion Muslims

Your source for this statement? I advise you to run a Google search on this phrase: “1.5 billion muslims support Obama” You’ll find that all of the answers come back as stating that Obama has OFFENDED 1.5 billion Muslims. Not what I call support.


Yeah, so what? Oprah, as ridiculous as she may be, is an American citizen and celebrity who has the right to support any candidate she chooses to support. It’s called “American democractic process.”

Louis Farrakanh (Nation of Islam Leader, racist, anti-Semite)

Yeah, so what? (See Oprah.) Further, again learn to spell. (Mamma didn’t do so well with the home schoolin’, did she?) It’s Louis “Farrakhan.”

Jesse Jackson

Yeah, so what? (See Oprah.)

Al Sharpton

Yeah, so what? (See Oprah.)

Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades (Islamic Terror Organization)

Finally! You got one right! Well, they certainly don’t want another Republican administration here, do they? Further, who the hell cares if they support him? They aren’t going to be showing up en masse to vote for him, and even if they did, there certainly aren’t enough of them to turn the tide of an election.

Daniel Ortega (Marxist Sandinista Leader, Nicaragua)

He actually made observations that seem to me to be pretty much in line with what the Democratic party, and the vast majority of Americans who support Obama, have to say about him. Again, Ortega ain’t gonna be voting for him, folks.

All American Muslims

Your source for this statement? This is like saying that all Democrats support Obama, or that all Republicans support McCain. You’re so full of it I can smell you from where I’m sitting.

Raul Castro (Hard-line Communist Leader, Cuba)

Uhm, no. It was Fidel Castro, the former president of Cuba, who stated his support for Obama, while at the same time denouncing Obama’s position that he would leave in place the existing U.S. embargos against Cuba. Raul did not state any preference in the U.S. Presidential campaign. Obama stated he would be willing to meet with Raul Castro. Oh, I forgot – diplomacy has no place in the modern world, does it?

Socialist Party USA (Marxist Political Party)

Bullshit. The Socialist Party USA has their own candidates already chosen to run in the presidential election: Brian Moore for president, and Stewart Alexander for vice-president. Get your facts straight.

Daniel Ortega (Marxist Sandinista Leader, Nicaragua)

What, him again? Didn’t we already address this one above? He must really bother you.

The New Black Panther Party (Black Militant Organization)

I can find neither an endorsement nor a repudiation of Obama on the New Black Panther’s web site, but the items that are available there show a decided unhappiness with the way that Obama has conducted his campaign. Hardly glaring support there.

Hamas Terrorist Organization (Islamic Terrorist Organization)

After reading through something like twenty-eight Google pages about HAMAS, I can find nothing that states an official “endorsement” of Obama from this organization.

I notice that you do not link to any of these organizations, or groups of people, nor do you back this with any evidence or citation about these “supporters.”


Did Jesus Claim Barack Obama is SATAN?

In Luke 10:18 Jesus I beheld Satan as Lightning fall from Heaven. How does a Jewish Rabbi, which Jesus is credited with being (John 1:38), say in HEBREW, that Satan is like LIGHTNING from heaven?

Barack, also transliterated as Baraq in Hebrew, is LIGHTNING (Strongs Hebrew word 1300). Even in Greek, Barak is LIGHTNING (Strongs Greek word 913) for the name of a person!

The ONLY WAY, a Jewish Rabbi can say in Hebrew that SATAN is LIGHTNING is, SATAN BARACK!

Okay, I’m hardly a linguist, but do have a couple of comments. First, let’s take a quick peek At Strong’s Concordance.  From Wikipedia (a site I’m not overly fond of, but hey – the authors of this site started it, so it MUST be authoritative!):

Strong’s Concordance is not a translation of the Bible nor is it intended as a translation tool. The use of Strong’s numbers is not a substitute for professional translation of the Bible from Hebrew and Greek into English by those with formal training in ancient languages and the literature of the cultures in which the Bible was written.

Now, my own, admittedly unscholarly search of the word “lightning” using online translators led to these results:

For the ancient Greek, “lightning” translates to “αστραπή” or in latin spelling, “astrapi.”  Did miss something?  Where is “Barak” in this translation?

For Hebrew, interestingly, I could not find a translator which would translate “Lightning” to any word that is found in the Hebrew texts of the Bible.  What?  Could this mean that the word “lightning” doesn’t even appear in the ancient Hebrew texts?

Rant time.

How many times since the Protestant Reformation has a Pope been labeled by some fringe group as being the antichrist? There have two-hundred-sixteen Popes throughout history, and somewhere, I guarantee you, some group of lunatics was calling every single one of them the antichrist at some point.

I am so fed up with fundamentalist, evangelical people proclaiming to me and the rest of the world that they know who is going to fry in hell, and who is not. That they have the God-given right, no, the God-given duty, to proclaim what is and is not right or wrong for other people to believe. And I’m sick to death of the fundamental evangelical segment of our country’s population literally trying to legislate and politic their own brand of morality and religion down everyone’s throats.

Please don’t take this as an indictment of all people who profess to be Christians. I’m not aiming this page at “Christians.” I’m aiming it at “Evangelicals,” and there is a world of difference, in my experience. Some of the people who are the closest to me in my life are Christians. (Some of my best friends are Christian!). They aren’t the ones I’m talking about.

I’m talking about lunatics like the authors of the web site quoted above.

But honestly, even though some of these people may believe that Obama is the antichrist, to me, it’s all smoke and mirrors.  There is a much more insidious current underlying all of this hoopla about Obama being the antichrist, or about his Muslim background.

We’re going to get there, just bear with me.  I need to get all of this out of my system first.

There’s more to come, so stay tuned…

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I know I’ve already looked at racism in another post, but this post is about a different sort of racism. I’m going to be offering a few links here, to different sites, and different reports about this particular case. But before I climb up the soapbox…

I have this fear that I’m sounding something like the Reverend Al Sharpton. I don’t want to give out the impression that I see a racist on every corner, that every white person in sight is a killing maniac out to destroy all non-white people. Far from it. I do NOT believe that. That being said…

“A Louisiana grand jury indicted a former police officer on a manslaughter charge in the death of a man who was Tasered nine times while handcuffed, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Scott Nugent also was charged with felony criminal malfeasance in connection with the January death of Baron “Scooter” Pikes.

Pikes, a 21-year-old sawmill worker, tried to run from Winnfield police, who wanted to arrest him on a warrant charging him with cocaine possession.

A coroner’s report found that Pikes was handcuffed and on the ground when first stunned with a Taser and might have been dead before the last two 50,000-volt shocks were delivered.

Nugent, who authorities said was the arresting officer, was suspended and ultimately fired in May.

If convicted, Nugent could get up to 40 years for the manslaughter charge and five years for the criminal malfeasance charge, Winn Parish District Attorney R. Chris Nevils said.

“It is our intention to show at trial that Mr. Nugent caused the death of Baron Pikes by Tasing him multiple times, unnecessarily and in violation of Louisiana law, and by failing to get him medical attention when it was apparent he needed it,” Nevils said.

The indictment stems from a state police investigation into the death, which ended in late July.

Nugent’s attorney, Phillip Terrell, could not be immediately reached for comment Wednesday evening. He said earlier that his client had followed proper police procedure.

A copy of the Winnfield Police Department’s Taser training manual, obtained by CNN, says the device “shall only be deployed in circumstances where it is deemed reasonably necessary to control a dangerous or violent subject.”

Nugent is white; Pikes was black. Pikes’ death led to demonstrations that drew several dozen people in Winnfield, Louisiana, a town of 15,000, roughly half of whom are black.
Police said Pikes told officers he suffered from asthma and had been using PCP and crack cocaine. But Dr. Randolph Williams, the Winn Parish medical examiner, said he found no sign of drug use in the autopsy and no record of asthma in Pikes’ medical history.”


That’s the first thing I was shown about this. As I dug a little bit deeper, I came across some rather interesting statements:

“Dr. Randolph Williams, the Winn Parish coroner, told CNN the 21-year-old sawmill worker was jolted so many times by the 50,000-volt Taser that he might have been dead before the last two shocks were delivered.

Williams ruled Pikes’ death a homicide in June after extensive study.

Winn Parish District Attorney Christopher Nevils said he will decide on any charges against the ex-officer, Scott Nugent, once a Louisiana State Police report on the case is complete.”


And then, there was this little tidbit:

“In the year since Winnfield police received Tasers, officers have used them 14 times, according to police records — with 12 of the instances involving black suspects. Ten of the 14 incidents involved Nugent, who had no public disciplinary record.”



The Parish coroner, Dr. Randolph Williams, has ruled this death to be a homocide. *A HOMOCIDE*. And yet, the Parish District Attorney said, initially, that he would decide on any charges once a state police investigation was completed. That investigation is now complete, and Nugent has been charged with manslaughter. Not with murder, as we would expect in a case where the death has been ruled a homicide.

White police officer, black suspect… Well, hell – that ain’t murder!!

The police claim that this suspect told them that he has asthma, and that he had been using crack cocaine. But, the medical examiner found NO evidence of drug use, and no evidence of asthma or history of asthma in the suspect’s family. Can you say, “I’m covering my lily-white ass,” Officer?

Since this department was issued tasers one year earlier, they had used them 14 times. Twelve of those times, the weapons were used on black suspects. And – are you really fucking surprised at this? – ten of the fourteen times, Officer Nugent was the police officer who used a taser.

And they say that racism is dead in the United States of America…


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Time To Get Serious On You

I’m watching the current Presidential campaign.  And while there are a few people of my acquaintance who will be rather upset with me for saying this, I need to announce here:  There is no way in hell that I will ever vote for John McCain.  Before I go any further, let me explain a couple of things.

I honestly do not think that George W. Bush is an “evil” man.  He may not be the brightest bulb in the box, but that’s an entirely different discussion.  Yes, he’s pretty much a dimwit.  But I don’t think he’s evil.  I don’t think he invaded Iraq for “personal” reasons.  I think he did what he thought was right, given the information that he was being provided with – and that’s the problem.  Bush is easily led.  Frankly, I don’t think that Bush is “truly” the person who is leading the country.  In my opinion, he’s nothing more than a puppet.

McCain, on the other hand, is shrewd.  He’s also completely out of touch with the everyday American citizen.  I disagree, however, with those who say that if McCain is elected, we will be in for four more years of the same thing we’ve dealt with for the last eight years.  It will, I think, become much worse, because McCain will be the one orchestrating a lot of what we don’t want to have happen here.

So, let’s look at Obama, and the main topic of this post.  Racism.  I’m sorry, but it’s time for the redneck right of this country to grow the fuck up, and get over the fact that there are people of color who are intelligent, capable, and more than qualified to take the office of the President of the United States.  What’s that you say?  Racism doesn’t play a part in this contest?  Bull-fucking-shit.  There are more people than I like to think about who will not vote for Obama for one reason, and one reason only:  He is black.  I am so very sick and tired of hearing the phrase, “I’m not prejudiced, but…”  “BUT…” “I’m not prejudiced, BUT…”  Fuck you – you’re prejudiced.  Go put on your white sheet, and join the rest of the Klan down by the lake tonight for a good, old-fashioned cross burnin’…

I’m gonna rant for a minute:  The “moral white majority” in the United States originated with a group of white Europeans who came here and quite literally stole this country – this whole continent, actually – from people of color.   They were red, these people, and they were systematically exterminated without regard.  There aren’t many left now, really, compared to the numbers that once populated this land.  The whites brought with them slaves from Africa.  Nutshell history:  Eventually, slavery was outlawed, blacks were emancipated, and they have struggled ever since to win equality.  And while we pay token lip-service to that concept of racial equality, the fact is that it does not exist in this country.  You doubt me?  Take a look at this:


MATTHEW PALEVSKY, JOURNALIST, TRNN: I’m in Martinsburg here in West Virginia, one of the poorest and whitest states in the union. Senator Clinton is expected to win today’s primary in a landslide, and the white, blue collar workers who make up her base have said they might be unwilling to vote for Senator Obama come general election.
SHARON, CLINTON SUPPORTER: I’m very much for Hillary, and I’m not hiding it. But I do feel that if Barack ends up being [inaudible] this election, then I’m going to have to maybe vote Republican or not vote at all.
TRACY, CLINTON SUPPORTER: My opinion is I think the United States of America should be run by somebody from the United States of America.
PALEVSKY: But he’s from the US. He’s born here. He’s been raised here.
TRACY: And he’s Muslim.
PALEVSKY: But why do you think he’s Muslim? He wasn’t raised Muslim.
TRACY: But I don’t agree with that.
JANET: You feel like there’s a lie behind it.
TRACY: Yeah, I don’t agree with that.
PALEVSKY: Do you think that’s a smear tactic in politics, to label him as a Muslim?
TRACY: I think it is a smear tactic.
PALEVSKY: I mean, but—.
JANET: Do you?
TRACY: Yeah, I do think it’s a smear tactic, but I think we have the right to know. I mean, I think we have the right to know everything in their background.
PALEVSKY: Do you usually vote Democrat or Republican?
DAN: Democrat all the way. My daddy would kick my behind, okay, if I did not vote for a Democrat.
PALEVSKY: But if it comes down to Barack Obama as the nominee, you probably won’t vote Democrat.
DAN: No. No, sir.
PALEVSKY: So whom would you vote for today?
PALEVSKY: Why Obama?
BRENDA: ‘Cause we need a change.
PALEVSKY: And what do you think he’ll provide for the country?
BRENDA: A better world.
PALEVSKY: And do you think West Virginia will come out for Obama when it comes to the general?
BRENDA: No. There’s too many rednecks here in West Virginia.
STANLY, OBAMA SUPPORTER: Right now, we’re still dealing with so much prejudice right now that that’s what’s hurting the Black man.
BRENDA: Years ago, I used to be a member of city council. So I know what was doomed in this town and what’s not doomed. And the doom part is there’s still a lot of racism going on.
PALEVSKY: Many Democrats have used euphemisms to describe why they’re not willing to vote for Barack Obama, some saying that they just don’t know him well enough or they’re not comfortable with him, while others have come straight out and said they don’t want a Black president.
SHARON: That’s the problem. I don’t know where he stands. You know, I don’t feel comfortable, whereas I know Hillary knows what “The Pledge of Allegiance” is. Hillary knows, can probably sing “The Star Spangled Banner” better than anybody. So can John McCain. At least I know that they believe in this country. They believe in who we are and how when times are bad we pull together, ’cause we’re Americans. But the whole Yankeee-do-it ethic, you know, I just don’t sense that from him.
PALEVSKY: Why would you vote for McCain over Obama?
CANDICE, CLINTON SUPPORTER: Because I think McCain’s got more experience of being a president than what Barack Obama does.
PALEVSKY: Have you ever voted for a Republican before?
CANDICE: No. I’m straight Democrat.
PALEVSKY: Would you trust him? If he gets the nomination, would you vote for him?
GLADIS, CLINTON SUPPORTER: Not really, ’cause I’m not going to vote for somebody that I’ve never saw or known.
PALEVSKY: Will you get behind Obama if he does win the nomination?
PALEVSKY: Why not?
TRACY: No. I’ll go Republican.
PALEVSKY: You would vote for McCain.
TRACY: Yeah.
PALEVSKY: And why? Why that decision for you?
TRACY: I just—I just don’t agree. That’s—I’ll just leave it at that. I just don’t agree that he should be president of the United States.
PALEVSKY: And you voted for—
ASHLEY: Hillary. And if she loses the nomination I’ll vote for the other guy.
PALEVSKY: You’ll vote for McCain?
ASHLEY: Yes. I don’t feel like—put the black man there—no prejudice or nothing but I just don’t have—I just think he should not be there.
PALEVSKY: The battle here in West Virginia suggests that Obama can’t depend on the Party’s white blue collar base come November. But its also shown that its message of change resonate with a new segment of voters who never before consideredsupporting a Democrat.
JANET, LIFELONG REPUBLICAN: If it comes to—between Obama and McCain I will vote for Obama. If it comes [inaudible] Hillary clinton and McCain I will vote McCain.
PALEVSKY: Why Obama? Why a Democrat this time?
JANET: I think, we need a change.


Please note that TRNN transcripts are typed from a recording of the program; The Real News Network cannot guarantee their complete accuracy.

You can watch this video at: http://therealnews.com/id/1507/May 14, 2008/Obama+faces+racism+in+West+Virginia

I want to make it clear that I don’t think all of this racial prejudice comes only from the everyday, average white boy living in the South.  It’s played on by the rich whites in this country.  They play this race issue up to their own advantage.  But they’re good at it, too.  So good, that I fear for Obama, should he win this election, and become our next president.

My prediction:  If Obama wins, at some point during his administration, we will see an assassination attempt.   And, regardless of whether that attempt is successful or not, when the assassin is caught, his statement will  go something like this:

“Well, you know, I just couldn’t allow it to happen.  I could not allow this country to be dragged down by some no-account nigger in the white house.  No way.  It’s bad enough that niggers can marry white women, now we got one for president?  No sir, I couldn’t stand by and let that happen.  I’m proud to be the white man that killed the first nigger president.  Maybe the rest of ’em will understand their place now”

You will, I hope, forgive my dramatic use of the word “nigger.”  It’s not a word I use lightly.

We’re in a sad state in this country.  I have mentioned in other posts that I do some work now and then for ChaCha.  I had a question this morning:  “Why do all the nigger girls in my school have such big asses?”  Company policy, and customer relations, dictate that I had to answer politely, so I responded, “Maybe it just seems that way, because you have a small butt.”  What I wanted to say was, “Uhm, Johnny?  Look around, moron.  Half the school kids in the country are obese, and that means they’ve probably got enormous asses.”  It was the stereotyping that galled me.  “Nigger girls” have such “big asses.”

We like to think that we’ve come so far…

The truth is, we’re still stuck in our same old rut…

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I’m sure that by now, most everyone who has access to any sort of news has heard of the ridiculous debacle in Prince George’s County, Maryland. But just in case anyone missed it, here’s the background on what happened:

Prince George’s Police Clear Mayor, Family
Chief Offers No Apology for Drug Raid

Berwyn Heights Mayor Cheye Calvo and his wife, Trinity Tomsic, lost their two dogs in the drug raid by police.

(By Marvin Joseph — The Washington Post)
By Aaron C. Davis Washington Post Staff Writer

Saturday, August 9, 2008; Page B01

Police said yesterday they have cleared Berwyn Heights Mayor Cheye Calvo and his family of any wrongdoing in connection with a package of marijuana that police intercepted en route to his home, leading to a violent raid in which deputy sheriffs killed the family’s two dogs.

Prince George’s County Police Chief Melvin C. High delivered the news in a telephone call Thursday to Calvo, saying police and State’s Attorney Glenn F. Ivey determined that Calvo and his family were innocent victims caught up in a drug-smuggling ring.

High exonerated the mayor and his family and expressed regret that they were victimized by drug dealers and that their dogs had been killed. High stopped short of apologizing for any action by law enforcement, police and Calvo said.

Sheriff Michael Jackson said yesterday in his first extensive interview since the incident that he was extremely upset that the Calvos had called for and been granted a civil rights review by the FBI.

He asked the public for patience while his staff conducts its own internal review, which could be done as early as Monday.

The shipment of 32 pounds of marijuana, addressed to Calvo’s wife, Trinity Tomsic, was one of several sent to unsuspecting recipients in the Maryland suburbs in the past week. Police said Wednesday that they arrested a deliveryman and another man who they think conspired to collect the more than 400 pounds of marijuana that had been sent from Arizona. Police have declined to release the suspects’ names.

“The chief called and told me that me and my family had been absolutely and completely cleared of any charges,” Calvo said. “He also said that he did not apologize for any action or wrongdoing by the police department, although he did express regret about what has happened.”

High also issued a statement yesterday saying the department had begun a review of the narcotics investigation that led to the raid on Calvo’s home. The sheriff’s department said Thursday that it also had begun a review that is standard any time a deputy fires a weapon.

Calvo and county civil rights leaders have characterized the July 29 incursion as an unwarranted and overbearing raid that may be emblematic of a pattern of abuse by county law enforcement agencies serving search warrants.

At the request of the Calvos, the FBI said Thursday that its civil rights division would review the raid. Legal experts said the review could put the practices of the Prince George’s sheriff’s department and county police under scrutiny.

High said this week that county narcotics officers, who were tracking the shipment and who had obtained a search warrant, did not know the home belonged to the mayor and his wife. The sheriff’s department, which provided its SWAT team for the raid, also apparently had not attempted to use nonlethal force, such as fire extinguishers or pepper spray, to subdue Calvo’s two black Labrador retrievers.

Calvo and other local elected leaders have said those two apparent failings may signal a dangerously thin level of investigation and planning by the county’s law enforcement agencies. Calvo’s lawyer also maintains that the county did not have the proper “no-knock” warrant needed to enter the home without warning. The state legislature provided for such warrants in 2005, and county police initially said they had a no-knock warrant. The department has since said it did not have such a warrant and does not believe they exist.

In yesterday’s interview, Jackson said that although he has yet to see evidence of wrongdoing, he would not hesitate to act if he finds his deputies overstepped their bounds.

“We hold everyone to the highest standards,” Jackson said. “I will not put up with disrespecting this community and using this badge for more than what it is. This badge is a ray of hope and a beacon of light.”Jackson also expressed dismay at the civil rights review. “I’ve been here 19 years, and this agency has been in existence since 1696. The Office of the Sheriff of Prince George’s County has never been under a civil rights review or no one has ever called for the Department of Justice to come in,” he said. “There is no reason, there has been no reason, and as long as I’m here there will not be a reason for it.”

The sheriff offered new details about the raid, saying that his deputies were briefed on the layout of the home and that they knew there were dogs inside.

The SWAT team had planned to gather at the front door and demand entry to the home and would have forcefully entered only if those inside the home refused entry, he said.

Jackson reiterated his explanation that it was a scream by Calvo’s mother-in-law, Georgia Porter, who saw officers running toward the house, that changed the calculation of officers conducting the raid.

“At that point, they see you, you don’t see them, and you don’t know where they are. . . . That’s dangerous,” Jackson said. “You really don’t have time to deal with that dog, you really don’t have time to deal with that person. You have to secure and go.

“It is unfortunate that those dogs were killed,” he said. “That would be the case whether it was the mayor’s house or anyone else’s house. A loss of life is always unfortunate. That is not our goal.”

Staff writer Rosalind S. Helderman contributed to this report.


So…  What’s going on here?  At the risk of sounding paranoid, it seems that more and more we are moving towards becoming a police state.  The department has said that they do not believe that the “no-knock” warrant exists? Excuse me? You are law enforcement personnel! It is your JOB to know these things, people!! Christ, we need to start implementing intelligence tests for police officers, as well as physical and (apparently pointless) psychological testing. Your state legislature provided for these warrants in 2005! And you’ve not heard of them yet? Where have you been?  Forgive me my skepticism, but honestly, I think you’re full of shit when you say you’ve never heard of the “no-knock” warrant.  And if you are being truthful about that, then you’re too stupid and irresponsible to be holding the job that you have.

I saw the mayor in question being interviewed on CNN this morning.  He was remarkably calm and civil about this whole incident, considering what happened to him and to his family.  He said something that struck me:  To paraphrase, he stated that people are all imperfect.  We all make mistakes.  What he wants to see happen is the law enforcement agencies involved to simply admit that they made a mistake, and that they then try to learn from it.  He would also like to hear an apology, which has yet to be offered.  I am highly doubtful, personally, that he will get one.

The police, more and more, are becoming very, very arrogant.   “[Police Chief Melvin C.] High stopped short of apologizing for any action by law enforcement, police and Calvo said.”  This man is also quite indignant that the mayor seems to have had the gall to ask the FBI to conduct a civil rights investigation into this incident.  From everything that I’ve read and heard about it, law enforcement agencies involved seem to be saying, “Oh, well, we broke down your door, shot your two dogs, (just in case), physically restrained and manhandled you and your family.  We regret that we made a mistake.  But no way will we say that we apologize.  And by the way, it really pisses us off that you’ve got the nerve to sic the FBI on us for overstepping our authority.”

The fact is that the police had a warrant.  They did not, by their own admission, have a “no-knock” warrant.  Hell, they don’t even know what that is, if you really believe that crap.  And if you do, I’ve got a bridge for sale in Brooklyn I’ll sell you really cheap.  So, what is the difference between a “standard” warrant, and a “no-knock” warrant?  First of all, both are search warrants.  I don’t particularly like to use Wikipedia as a source, but it’s convenient, and these are accurate.  First, the “standard” warrant:

A search warrant is a court order issued by a judge or magistrate that authorizes law enforcement to conduct a search of a person or location for evidence of a criminal offense and seize such items.

All jurisdictions with a rule of law and a right to privacy put constraints on the powers of police investigators, and typically require search warrants, or an equivalent procedure, for searches within a criminal enquiry. There typically also exist exemptions for “hot pursuit”: if a criminal flees the scene of a crime and the police officer follows him, the officer has the right to enter an edifice in which the criminal has sought shelter.


And next, the “no-knock” warrant:

In the US, a no knock warrant is a warrant issued by a judge that allows law enforcement officers to enter a property without knocking and without identifying themselves as police. It is issued under the belief that any evidence they hope to find can be destroyed during the time that police identify themselves and the time they secure the area.

The number of no-knock raids has increased from 3,000 in 1981 to more than 50,000 in 2005, according to Peter Kraska, a criminologist at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky.  Raids that lead to deaths of innocents are increasingly common; since the early 1980s, 40 bystanders have been killed, according to the Cato Institute in Washington, DC.


Now, we know that this was not a case of “hot pursuit.”  The police were waiting for the package to be retrieved.  We also know, again, that they did not have a no-knock warrant, and they claim they do not believe that such a thing exists.

What did happen is that the mayor’s mother-in-law noticed the SWAT team moving across the lawn, and she screamed.  That’s when all hell broke loose.  Uhmmmm…  Maybe it’s just me, but does anyone else find it a reasonable response for a woman, or a man, for that matter, to scream when s/he notices a group of darkly clad, armed men moving across their property?  I know that I sure as hell would scream, “DON’T SHOOT!!” I mean, come on, guys, what did you expect her to do?  You were thinking that if she saw you she’d fling open the window and offer you tea or something??

The mayor also noted in an interview that this kind of thing happens all too often.  The only reason that anyone heard about this incident is because he happens to be the mayor, so he has decided to take the opportunity to use the platform he has to try and bring attention to this kind of thing.  But make no mistake, this happens nearly every day in this country, and most people have little or no recourse.

Since September 11, 2003, there has been a frightening shift in this country.  With the enactment of the Patriot Act the police, in many instances, seem to think that they are above the law.  And frighteningly, more and more, the courts seem to agree with them.  The Patriot Act is supposed to protect us from outside terrorists.

Perhaps, we need more protection from the police, who seem to be leaning towards becoming terrorists in their own right…

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