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Sad State Of Affairs

On a rather strange note, we’ve seen two presidential firsts this past week. Both of these incidents raise some interesting questions, and underscore some of the paranoia that now grips our country.

The first was the uproar and outrage over the fact that Obama had the unmitigated gall to want to speak to America’s school children, in an attempt to brainwash them with his “socialist agenda.” Other presidents have been taken to task for their attempts to indoctrinate school kids with their philosophies in the past; this is, however, the first situation that I’ve been able to find in which a significant number of schools actually did refuse to allow the presidential speech to be heard by students.

The second incident occurred when Obama addressed a joint session of Congress this week to clarify his healthcare reform proposals. I won’t speak to that clarification – or rather, the lack thereof – that’s not the point in this post. What completely appalled me was the fact that when Obama stated that there is no provision in his healthcare proposal that provides for the coverage of illegal immigrants, South Carolina Republican Congressman Joe Wilson shouted out, “You lie!” while jabbing his finger at Obama.

So, I wanted to look at the two incidents and kind of run my mouth about both. Not unusual, really. I’m nothing if not a mouthy SOB…

For a couple of weeks prior to Obama’s address to the schoolchildren of American, the Rush Limbaughs, Sean Hannitys, and Michael Savages of the country had a blast. They whipped up the conservative fringe of the country, calling Obama a socialist, telling them that he was trying to brainwash the children of the United States with a socialist agenda and doctrine, and calling on them to make it known that they didn’t want their children to be listening to this “comm-uh-nist.”

In the end, the speech that Obama gave turned out to be just about as completely country, Mom and apple-pie as it is possible to be. He talked about the value of education, of staying in school. He talked about the personal responsibility that each student has to work hard in order to make sure that they obtain a decent education. He talked about how each student has an obligation to their parents, to their country, and most of all to themselves to be the very best that they can be.

If this is socialism, then sign me up, and give me an identification card to carry around with me, please. I want in…

The next evening, Obama addressed a joint session of Congress to talk about healthcare reform. During that speech, as I stated above, Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina called the president a liar. What’s more, he did this in a public venue, with the cameras rolling. When I saw this, my mouth literally dropped open in shock.

Let me explain why, please. During the Bush administration, I believed about one percent of what I heard come out of Dubyah’s mouth. That’s all well and good; and while I called him a liar, I did so within the confines of private conversation. There is no way in hell that I ever would have stood up and pointed at the president of the United States, and called him a liar. Why?

There is a concept that I learned when I was in the Army. You can have little or no respect for the man, but you are required to hold respect for his rank. When you salute a superior officer, you are not just saluting him; you are also saluting his rank. It is perfectly acceptable to address a female officer as “Sir,” because you are, in effect, addressing the rank, not the person.

No matter what I thought of Dubyah as a man, he was also the president of the United States. He held the highest elected office of this nation, and he was the leader of my country. As a citizen of this country, I have an obligation to give my respect to that office. For an elected member of the Congress of the United States to stand and call the president a liar in a public venue is inexcusable.

I would wager that this is a man who goes home at night and bemoans the behavior of today’s “younger generation.” A man who cries about the lack of respect that kids seem to have for adults and for authority; who shakes his head at the way our young people seem to be losing any sense of dignity and propriety. Kind of ironic, when you think about it. Even John McCain has spoken out against what happened…

My advice – not that I’ll be listened to – would be for the Democrats to completely drop both of these incidents. They shouldn’t even bring them up, and they should refuse to answer questions about them. By leaving it alone, they’ll make the other side look even more ridiculous than they already seem.

In terms of the liar incident, I don’t have a lot more to say. Joe Wilson should get some lessons in etiquette, but beyond that, there’s not a lot to say.

As for the school speech, there is a troublesome aspect to this one. There is a significant segment of this country’s population who are quite terrified of Obama. That fear is manifested in various ways, usually concerning his political ideologies. But underlying all of the other objections that people may have to Obama, there is the matter of his skin color.

When the president addressed the country’s schoolchildren, he represented something extremely significant. By the very fact that he is a mixed race man who now holds the office of president of the United States, he is now a role model. He presented a no BS message to these kids – to all kids, black, white, red, yellow; rich, poor, middle class or homeless. No matter who you are, no matter where you come from, in this country, if you’re willing to work hard, do your very best and then do just a little bit more, you can become anything that you want to become. Indeed, he told them that you have an obligation to yourselves to be the very best that you can be.

There are people who view this message as a threat. There are people who believe that this message is true, but that it should only be true if your skin is a certain color, or if your income meets certain standards. There are people who, for whatever reason, cling to the view that true racial and ethnic equality is a threat to the very fabric of the American way of life. They don’t seem to understand that the more that each individual prospers, the more that we as a whole population will prosper. The reverse is true, as well – the more that we as a nation can prosper, the more that each individual will prosper.

This is, I believe, the underlying message of Obama’s speech to the schools. To simply let the entire matter of the outrage that was so rampant before the speech was delivered drop, to not mention it, is the best course for Obama’s supporters to follow. After all – can they really argue with one word that he said to our children?


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I’ve created a new BBS Forum for people who live with bipolar disorder. Being one of those people, and dealing with the condition on a day-to-day basis, I decided that I wanted to set this up. It’s a place for people who have bipolar disorder to go and talk with each other, as well as a place for the friends and families of bipolar people.

I decided to set this up because in talking with my therapist, it’s become clear that where I live, there’s really no such thing as a support group for bipolar people. I’ll mostly be spreading word of this forum around here in my area, inviting people to check it out and join. That doesn’t mean, though, that I want to limit members to those who live close to me. The whole idea is to provide a place where we can gather together as many people with this disorder as possible, and generate some good discussion and support.

You’ll find a link to the forum on the right side of this page under my personal links, as well as here: Bipolar Support Forum

At the moment, there are two members – the Administrator of the forum – me; and Lupine Predator – also me. I get to indulge in a bit of multiple-personality disorder that way…

Please feel free to visit the forum, and to register and join us there in the discussions.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled ranting…

Updating this to beg for people to register. If I can get registered users, I can get a lot of freebie benefits at the host site, stuff they usually make people pay for. Sign up there, okay??

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It appears that Barack Obama is slipping in the polls. Not that I pay a huge amount of attention to polls, but, I find this interesting on several levels.

I hear conservative Republican pundits spouting off about how the American people are finally “waking up” to the truth about Obama. I watch them taking this sort of, “I told you so” attitude. What’s interesting about this is that the conservatives are the ones who have made it a mission to undermine this president.

Before you start in about how that’s the nature of the beast in a two party system, just shut the hell up. I know that. We all know that, okay? So just shut the hell up, and read on for minute, please.

I saw an interview on CNN a few weeks ago. For the life of me I can’t remember who the politicians were, but there was one Republican, one Democrat, and the interviewer, Mr. Don Lemon. This was an interview that lasted, oh, maybe five minutes. There was one point of agreement between both the senators and the interviewer: The health care system in America is in serious trouble, and it needs to be reformed. All three people agreed on this. That is where civility, where a willingness to listen, where being bipartisan ended.

When Lemon would ask a question, directed at one of the senators, the other would jump in, talking over him, interrupting, screaming, running off at the mouth. This happened from both senators. When Lemon would try to calm them, they would continue to scream and rant at each other. This went on for five minutes, and you know what? NOT ONE FUCKING QUESTION WAS ACTUALLY ANSWERED BY EITHER SENATOR.

When Don Lemon was wrapping up the interview, he made his final comment, stopping short – barely – of telling both senators to shut the fuck up. His anger was apparent on his face. His final comment went something like this paraphrase:

“You both agree that health care needs to be reformed. I’m telling you that we, the people in America, don’t care about politics. We want you to shut up, stop fighting, and do your jobs. And your job is to represent the interests of the people of this country. Just stop the bickering, and get it done – that’s what we pay you for.”

Every single proposal that this administration has put forth regarding health care reform has been met with rabid opposition by the GOP, with the notable exception of – be still my beating heart – John McCain. McCain has objected to some things, yes, but they’ve been pretty small details, and he’s been willing to try and compromise. If the rest of the GOP would follow his lead, we’d be better off.

Instead of trying to work together, it seems that our elected officials are more concerned with trying to bring down a president. Fuck the people, as long as we can make Obama look like a fool. Let the fucking peasants die, who cares? As long as we get a Republican in the White House in the next election, it’s all good!

Term limits, people. Term limits, term limits, term limits! Keep these bastards honest. Only let them serve for two terms, just as the president can, and forbid them to work in ANY manner as a lobbyist to congress following their political career.

It’s time for the people of this country to stand up and take their country back. We can only do that through the ballot box, and by demanding that our elected officials be held accountable for every single vote that they make.


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