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This is a sort of self-serving post, really, although I do have something to offer readers with it.

I want to tell you about an amazing site I’ve discovered – The Lost Souls. If you’re looking for some really good music to listen to in your travels about the interwebs, this is THE place to be. With an eclectic mix of music covering almost every genre imaginable, and some really nice, friendly people in the shout box, you won’t regret stopping by and registering with the site.

You will need to become a registered user there, but it’s free – unless you want to donate to a good cause. You’ll also need to read and abide by the site rules, but they’re nothing that you haven’t agreed to in the past at other sites, I’m sure.

Now, for the self-serving part: In the very near future, I’ll be joining the ranks of the volunteer online DJs at the site! That’s right – love me, hate me, whatever, now you can actually talk to me in person! Aren’t you just thrilled to death? I thought you might be…

So, if you want to check out some good tunes, as well as other content, and get in on some fun chatter with other members, check out the following link:

The Lost Souls


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