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Christians, Just Shut Up

For a small variety of reasons, I have been devoting some time to thoughts of God and religion lately. I’ve noticed, not for the first time time, that almost without exception, each denomination of the Christian faith, as well as the Muslim faith, and some others, all claim that theirs is the only valid belief set regarding religion.

Now, we know that they can’t all be right. As I said, there are some exceptions to this phenomenon – Buddhists, Native Americans, Wiccans etc., seem to have the ability to fully accept the beliefs of others without judgment.

And the denominations that seem to be the most intolerant of other faiths? Radical Muslims, and Christians. Yes, yes I did – I lumped Christians in with radical Muslims, at least in terms of the ability to be tolerant of other faiths.

I have a feeling that this is going to spawn some hate mail for me, but who cares?

What this attitude comes down to, really, is at best arrogance – in the sense that these people claim to “know” the will of God; at worst, it is blasphemy, for the same reason. The bible, and in particular the King James bible, is a translation that has been, you’ll pardon my expression, fucked with until it probably bears little, if any resemblance to the original writings upon which it is based.

All of these students of the bible – and I’m talking now about the bible thumping, arrogant morons who try to shove their beliefs down the throats of everyone that they come into contact with – do not have the ability to speak with any kind of knowledge about the bible, because they are incapable of reading the original writings that the bible is based on. Unless you can do that, then you’re talking out of that little orifice nestled between the cheeks of your butt.

Furthermore, these people absolutely refuse to even listen to the beliefs of others, because they “know,” based upon their very limited knowledge of the bible, that their point of view is correct, and no one else has a valid opinion.

I have little to no use for the Catholic church, however, there is one thing that I agree with them on. While they do not prohibit their members from reading the bible, they highly discourage it. Why? Because the average person is not equipped with the knowledge to properly interpret what they are reading.

Guess what? Probably 90% of the so called Christians you’ll ever meet don’t have that knowledge, either.

So do me a favor, all of you so called, self-labeled Christians: Until you actually know what you’re talking about, shut the hell up and stay out of my face. I don’t try to shove my non-Christian beliefs down your throat, please show me the same courtesy. Just shut up, stop criticizing my beliefs, and get out of my face.

I’ll risk hell. I don’t think God will condemn me to hell for not being a Christian.

He may send you there, though, for being an un-Christ-like little twit.


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